Welcome to Corvette Eyewear.

J.R.S. EYEWEAR, the parent company of CORVETTE EYEWEAR® began marketing eyewear in 1993 to the fishing tackle industry offering non-prescription polarized eyewear. In 1998 growth and development brought J.R.S. EYEWEAR to the scuba diving industry where DIVE SHADES® (www,diveshades.com )was introduced to the market. DIVE SHADES®, the original polarized dive flag eyewear line continues to flourish 15 years later.

In 2003, CORVETTE EYEWEAR® was born providing the Corvette enthusiast with stylish high quality sunglasses utilizing the various Corvette logos and emblems. Having passed the 10 year mark, CORVETTE EYEWEAR® is now partnering with an established cutting edge prescription lens maker to offer our customers the Corvette lifestyle in prescription optical frames as well as sunglasses.

CORVETTE EYEWEAR® continues the promise of high quality for a fair price along with customer service that is unmatched in our industry. We further promise to continue our old school ways of returning phone calls on a timely basis, shipping quickly, and taking care of issues that arise fairly. Thank you for your past and future patronage!

Jack R Stein