Prescription RX

Corvette Eyewear® celebrates its 14th anniversary with pride by introducing Rx optical C7 inspired frames and Rx capable sunglasses C5, C6, and C7 for 2017. With 2 plus years of development, Corvette Eyewear®’s product line can now offer Corvette enthusiast’s eyewear that not only gives you the COOL FACTOR but provides you with the very best possible vision correction.

Our new frames are constructed of the very best available optical quality materials such as aluminum for our optical frames and TR90 for our Rx capable sunglass frames. In order to support a superior prescription program for our Rx capable frames, we have partnered with a national lens maker with over 30 years of experience making prescription lenses for opticians and optical shops throughout the USA.

The Corvette enthusiast expects more and Corvette Eyewear® delivers just that by manufacturing only HIGH DEFINITION digital lenses. These virtually shatter proof polycarbonate high definition lenses offer superior visual acuity along with being super scratch resistant! The anti-glare coating option that we offer is one of the very best available industry wide. In other words, we have spared no expense in offering you the very best lenses and lens options at fair prices. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Below please find the 2017 Corvette Eyewear optical prescription Rx styles along with a variety of lenses and lens options.
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